cribbage play?

anyone ever played 5 handed cribbage? If so how do you play it?

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  • As i was growing up my old man would sometimes take me to his weekly crib game and depending on who was in town we played 5 handed 6 handed and even 7 handed crib.

    There are two versions of the 3 player game, 1 is often called captains crib where the dealer is the captain and the other two people act as partners to defeat the captain , everyone takes turns at being the “captain” the second is cut throat where everyone is against everyone,

    When we played 5 handed this is is how it was played.

    The 5 card version of crib(as opposed to the american 6 card version) was played.

    The person right of the dealer( The person who last had the crib) would put their single throwaway card back into the deck , everyone else would put theirs into the crib. We played with two teams and an odd person ,it was easy for us to decide teams cause one team was me/dad and the other was the husband/wife friends ,

    Play would be done as normal crib except the odd persons points were doubled (good if a nice hand bad if a poor one).

    You could play all against each other with the throwaway card heading to crib as above but i found it quite interesting with the doubling of points and the pegging/point blocks the older wiser one’s used to employ against him ,

    I used to think the odd person was at a disadvantge ( like when one of the teams had pegged out and it became effectively 2 against 1) but they always played a dime or as we call it ten cents a hole just to add bragging rights and the individual money jars would go up and down each week but over the many years they played no top ups were required.

    The cut of the deck is the same and all other play is the same as in normal crib, I can’t imagine the game working with a 6 card deal but with a 5 card deal the game was still quite interesting both tactically and socially

  • 6 Person Cribbage

  • I honestly have cribbage boards hand-crafted by using my grandfather. My grandmother taught me the pastime and those days long previous by using are tucked away in my fondest thoughts. The final time I performed cribbage with people replaced right into some years in the past with relatives on a Christmas evening. that’s now constrained to laptop cribbage.

  • 5 handed cribbage is played with teams and you toss one card into the crib. Its great fun and hope this helps you. Each team is counting together to try and get to 121 first.

  • I have never played (nor heard of) 5-handed cribbage but if you wanted to play:

    -There would be no teams, each person would play against the other four – therefore you would needed a couple of boards for pegging (or you could keep score on paper).

    -The dealer would deal five cards to each other player, but only four to himself. Each other player would contribute one card to the dealer’s ‘crib’ and the dealer would play the cards he has.

    -Otherwise, play would proceed the same as for 3-handed.

    Have fun!

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