Cruise ship & port stops after Covid19 ?

After we get through covid19 beginning of next year; what do you think the odd are of other countries not wanting travelers to disembark?

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  • Key West and Venice, Italy have already announced that they will not be welcoming as many cruise ships. Venice will take only smaller ones. In Key West they’re debating and may vote on whether to allow cruise ships at all. It seems unlikely that the Caribbean ports will refuse to take cruise passengers- it was too much of a source of income for them. 

  • Assuming the pandemic is out of control, most ports will welcome cruisers as they provide a huge injection of cash to their economies.  As others have stated, a few ports are going to start limiting cruise ships.  I suspect most Caribbea islands will open up as soon as they can.  I’m booked on a cruise for December, so I hope it doesn’t get canceled like the 5 I’ve had cancelled already. 

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