Cut won’t stop bleding?

So yesterday I fell on my bed frame which is broken so it was out and it pierced my skin and I didn’t realize till I took off my jeans and it kept bleeding and it’s still bleeding a day later and I’ve never had a problem with a cut stop bleeding as they usually stop in like 5 min tops and it’s also really small and bleeding like crazy .how do I stop it? I even had a razor blade cut a few days ago stop so quick and heal what’s the problem with this one I’m worried?

2 Answers

  • Have someone else drive you to the hospital, pronto.

    You should apply pressure to it, while they get you there.

    If you have been taking aspirin or blood thinners, that can affect how your blood clots, or doesn’t. If the wound is deep or near a blood vessel, that can also make a difference.

    You need someone to take you to the hospital. NOW.

  • Get vitamin c and see a doctor

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