cute costume ideas for morp?

hi our school has morp which is like prom backwards so everyone dresses up all crazy and scandelous and whatnot. does anyone have any cute ideas for a group of like 10 girls?

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  • You girls can all

    Wear your swimsuits, glasses and flip flops like you are going to to beach.

    Wear your Pajamas, slippers and robes bring teddy bears too.

    Wear black outfits, fishnet tights, black shoes and horrible make-up and go GOTH

  • Morp Ideas

  • Athletic- You can have your hair a mess and you can all wear minimal makeup or no makeup and wear some soffee shorts or some track pants and tank tops.

    Hill jack- You can come dressed in overalls, plaid shirts and have pieces of wheat grass to chew on and straw hats.

    Slumber style- Look like you just woke up. Come in lounge pants and comfy little jackets and robes with fluffy house shoes

    Just plain tacky tell everyone to throw together things they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing on any other occasion all swirled and mixed up. You can wear one of your friends shoes and give you other one to her. Goofy hats and gags that you can wear work too. Hope you have fun with this.

  • You can dress inside out — turn all your clothes inside out and wear your underwear on the outside, but substitute swimsuits for bras and panties.

  • go in like tuxedo’s with ties and everything or go extremely casual like in stuff youd only wear around the house

  • idk

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