Cute football sayings for posters?

It’s my boyfriend’s senior year, and he is a varsity football player. i really want to make him posters for his games. he is number 17, WR/DB.

3 Answers

  • hut hut hut.

  • Sayings For Football Signs

  • 10 causes thus far a baseball player: 1. They have got exceptional fingers. 2. They’re used to scorin no matter what base they’re on. Three. They’ve huge endurance. Four. They continually use a glove. 5. They don’t discontinue until the job is done and there’s normally extra innings. 6. They never strike out. 7. They like to contact every base cautiously. 8. They swing gigantic sticks. 9. They take the additional base if they are able to. 10. They slide into house particularly tough.

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