Cuts appearing out of nowhere?

There's a cut on my arm and I have no idea how it got there. It's been there for a few days now, I think. Also, after I shaved this morning, I noticed that there were the same kind of cuts on my face....there's even one directly under my eye. Maybe someone here has the answer....

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  • The face: it's probably dry skin or you accidentally nicked yourself (my legs do that sometimes when I've been in a hurry and the skin on my hands cracks open unless I keep putting lotion on them). The arm: you could have nicked yourself and juust didn't notice because you were busy or it could've happened when you were sleeping (sometimes I noticed bruises on me when I had been sleeping).

    Drink lots of water instead of hydrating fluids, use lotion from time to time daily, and moisturizing sensitive skin shaving cream when you shave or hypoallergenic. Take daily vitamin pills too if you aren't already in case it is something to do with your nutritional needs.

    If this keeps happening after using lotion, you could go to a doctor (especially one who works with skin issues), and get some prescription lotion for dry skin or ask a pharmacist at a pharmacy what else is the best they have.

  • Are they cuts, or is it dry skin that has split? I used to get lots of these on the backs of my hands and across my knuckles. It was due to the cold weather. You also may have grazed yourself by accident while washing, do you have and jagged or rough spots on your nails. I've gotten small grazes on my face before where I've rubbed my eyes and snagged myself on the corner of one of my fingernails.

    Otherwise as the above person said people who believe that they have been abducted by aliens commonly report unusual cuts, through I don't recall the face being a common place. Do you have any cuts on your body? or have you found any strange implants lately? Have you had any repressed memories of probes or little green men?

  • You probably have dry skin that is splitting, this happens to me 2 especially in the winter. Just use a good mousterizer

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