Deflimation of character?

Does anyone know the laws about deflimation of character in the workplace?

Someone is going around telling my co-workers that i dont like them!!! FAR from the truth. I have an outside friendship with both of the people she says i dont like! Can i file a complaint about her? She is also saying that i cant be trusted! She is very upset that we have conversations and leave her out of them. We have lunch together at work, but we never include her. She is a jahova witness, and she does not share ANY of the same beliefs that we do. She is totally against drinking and we would rather her not know that we get together for drinks outside of work. She is also saying things to the other 2 parties involved.. Help ASAP. meeting at 1pm today

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  • defamation of character usually involves either libel and or slander.the legal test for liability is whether the information spread about you would put you in disrepute and low standing among ur collegues and reasonable members of the society,from your xplanation so far,i doubt if you ave any legal basis for filing a compliant.

  • The term you're grasping for is defamation, specifically slander. Slander is the spoken form of defamation (libel is written defamation).

    You can't file a complaint about her, because defamation is not a criminal act, rather it's a civil wrong. First, try to gauge how much damage she has actually done. If it's negligible, just let it slide: people gossip, and it's not worth the suit. If she has completely ruined your reputation in the workplace, you should speak to an attorney. Try not to resort immediately to legal recourse, though; let administration or human resources handle it first.

  • I don't know the specifics but I'd imagine that the bad things said about a person would have to be serious enough to harm your reputation and career, and these things sound more like junior high school clique issues. If you are friends with these people outside the office, they will know she is a wacko, and the trust issue, well, your history with the company should speak for itself. I'd just go to a supervisor and maybe that person could sit with you and her and get things ironed out. Is that what the meeting is about?

  • Outside realtionships with your coworkers are your business, not hers. Your coworkers are probably aware of the rumour already, and they're not taking the rumour seriously. That's why they havent brought to your attention. Its a laugh.

    She is entitled to her opinion, but it is just that, an opinion. Not fact! the only way a defeamtion could be proven is if it interferes with the work that you and the others do. file a complaint first with your supervioser and go from there.

  • Is this the workplace or third grade?

    I mean really - if you and your friends know the truth then you ignore this person. If it is impacting your work and you just feel you cannot live without telling someone then report it to your supevisor.

    Just be prepared to viewed as childish and immature by those around you for playing into this juvenile behavior.

  • Sorry, from what you're saying it is all covered under the 1st. amendment. It makes for a unhappy work place but, she has every right to say what she wants. Try to talk to her and explain that you felt she would not be happy hanging with ya'll because of your life styles.

  • you are old enough to work? wow well it's spelled defamation and I think you probably deserved it

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