Describe how george curry first won roosevelt’s admiration.

Describe how george curry first won roosevelt's admiration.


george curry first won roosevelt’s admiration when the war broke out between spain and the united states in april 1898 over the sinking of the ship maine. due to a faultry boiler and not spanish sabotage war was still declared and the governor miguel otero called for voluneteers for a calvary troop from southern new mexico and that time george curry was appointed captain of troop h. since then, as a member of the 2nd squadron of the 1st us volunteer calvary he was under the command of colonel theodore roosevelt and a member of roosevelt’s rough riders. for this reason, apparently due to deep divisions within the republican party itself and hagerman’s lack of political savvy, president roosevelt named curry to replace herbert hagerman as territorial governor of the new mexico.

the train carrying george curry's rough rider cavalry unit was stopped in tampa. the engineer would not start the train again despite the fact that the horses had no water. after 18 hours, curry marched up to the engine, arrested the engineer, and the new mexico rough riders drove the train to water. the rough riders took their horses off the train and they traveled the rest of the trip on their horses. curry thought that roosevelt would be angry, but all roosevelt wanted to know was why curry waited so long to arrest the engineer.

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George Curry (April 3, 1861 – November 24, 1947) was a U.S. military officer and politician. He was governor of New Mexico Territory from 1907 to 1910, and once it became a state he represented it in the 62nd United States Congress. Curry County, New Mexico is named in his honor.

He was part of the KKK


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