Describe the factors that influence an individuals phenotype

Describe the factors that influence an individuals phenotype


a. income level of each household


Household INCOME LEVEL goes far in determining how the household spends because to spend on goods and services, one needs funds.

People usually buy according to what they have or can afford and so using data on a household's income to infer what kind of goods and services they will buy or rather their spending pattern is only logical.

Such research will also show what happens when household income decreases or increases so using the income level of each household really is necessary.

a major influence in how individuals invest their money is the relative risk and safety of the investment. when choosing which company to invest your money in, you should make sure that there is a low risk of losing your money. to decide how much risk is acceptable you need to decide how much of a risk you are willing to take on losing your money. a second influence is inflation. you need to keep track of how inflation is going to affect your investment because you do not want to lose out on purchasing power if the investment earning goes up but your investment earning is going to stay the same. the last important influence is interest. some investment accounts earn interest. if the interest rate goes up than you will gain more money however if the interest rate goes down, you can lose money. i think the best choice would be to find an investment that keeps an interest rate that doesn’t change until the maturity date.

income level of each household    


When economists attempt to predict the spending patterns of U.S. households, they will typically view the income level of each household as a primary determining factor that influences the individual consumption choices that each will make.  Generally, income level determines how and what an individual spends on. For example, a low income household will spend more on necessities and less on luxury goods and the higher the income, the higher the spending. Income level is very important in determining the spending pattern of households in an economy.

Physiology, behavior and morphology are considered as phenotype of an individual as these attributes can be observed. Example of  phenotypes include wing length, hair color, skin color and  height.

There are basically two factors that influence the phenotype:

(1) Genotype or Genetic information of the individual: Some of the phenotypes such as height and skin color are transmitted genetically from generation to generation. Genetic information is the transfer of genes that carry some of the specific genetic information and pass it to another generation which is visible in their phenotype.

(2) Environmental influence: As the phenotype attributes are variable so they are highly influenced by the environment or surrounding they are living. Environmental condition such as temperature, diet, humidity, oxygen levels, and the presence of mutagens affects the phenotype of an individual.

Hence, Genotype and environmental factors influence an individuals phenotype.

The answer is A.


The main determinant of spending or consumption for households is income especially disposable income. Disposable income is the income after tax and other statutory incomes have been deducted.

The higher the disposable income the higher the amount spent on consumption and the lower the disposable income the lower the amount spent on consumption

With a higher income, consumers have more spare money to spend.

Two factors that influence the phenotype are: (1) the specific genetic information of the individual (its genotype), and (2) environmental influences on the expression of the individual's genetic potential. ... This is similar to fitness, or the genetic contribution of an individual to all the progeny of its population.


Body proportions can be differentiated by diet and by risk factors inherited from family members. Having a diet that is lower in nutrients of some form can cause a body proportion to be different than that of others. Also, having inherited disease risks from one's parents can lead to body proportions that are different.
Some factors that would influence how Individuals invest their money is their knowledge on what they are investing in the the status of the investments from other people. How much of a profit they would be getting from it. 
Their are many factors that affects the individuals perception in investing their moneys because we all know that in our society today, money is one of the greatest factor in our community that is needed to be circulate and to be gain. So people should keep in their mind that its not easy to invest your money and expect a many fold of its growth. One should be patient and manageable in every situation on what could be the best strategy in growing their investment in our society.
You should have a couple of things in mind when investing money. First, you should monitor the success of the company over time, and you should also see how their price has been fluctuating, and if it is worth it. If the company is a good bet to continue to expand and become better, then you should definitely invest. These are all things to keep in mind when buying stocks.

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