Did children really go missing in 1964 at the Tucson Farmer John’s Meat Packing plant?

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  • In October 1964, Alexa and Norman went to visit the plant with their mother and their mother left them alone for a few minutes and when she came back they were gone. They searched all over the plant, called the police, and couldn’t find them so they investigated the plant. (Here are brief paragraphs from the article to shorten it up for you)

    A week passed and there was still no avail of Alexa or Norman. The Tuscon Police Department suspected foul play and a team of officers dispatched to go over to the entire meat packaging facility with a fine tooth comb. This time, they examined the meat processing machinery very closly and their dilligence finally paid off. They discovered of what appeared to be the traces of human remains, lodged in the sharp blades of the meat grinders. The entire plant was immediately closed down and a recall order was issued for all meat that had recently left the plant. The official reason given was “Contaminates found in meats, human in nature”.

    The police had to explain to the greving father that his own brother fed the bodies of the poor children into the waiting jaws of the meat grinders. A couple days later, even though the remains of Alexa and Norman had not been recovered, they were officialy declared dead.

    In 1984, twenty years to the day the children had vanished, a security guard patrolling the area discovered the body of a dishevelled man hanging in the factory’s meat locker. After being transported to the mortuary, the man was identified as Warren Hubeny, the uncle of the missing children. Inexplicably, the medical examiner found the words “I killed them” carved right into his chest.

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  • Rumor is that Sara and,Nelson James went missing from there on Oct 2 1964 then on Oct 21 1964 Warren James, their father committed suicide. They were dropped off to see their father and left in his,office. When it was time for them to be picked up they were missing never to be seen again. That’s the story. Go to ur library n look up the archives n check old police reports. That’s the only way to be sure if its real.

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