Did Eyedea ever battle Eminem?

Rumor from my friend is that he did battle Eminem on the night that Em got signed by Dre and beat him. Is it true? And is there someplace on the internet with the battle footage?

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  • Before Eyedea & Abilities were an MC/DJ pair, they were Mike Averill and Gregory "Max" Keltgen, two friends from Minneapolis. In 1997, however, while still in high school, the duo began competing in the battle circuit, gaining recognition from high-profile wins at 1999's Scribble Jam and the 2000 HBO-televised Blaze-Battle World Championships. Despite rumors of possible deals with Puff Daddy or Eminem, Eyedea & Abilities chose to sign with fellow Minnesotans Rhymesayers, and released their debut album, First Born, in 2001. A departure from the battle raps they had previously done, First Born was an introspective concept album musing about the state of hip-hop and life. Because both Eyedea & Abilities were involved in other projects (Oliver Hart and the Micranots, respectively), their second album, E&A, didn't come out until 2004.

    While he is a well-known freestyle battle champion and underground rapper. He has no notable battles with Eminem.

    As of 2006, Eyedea has temporarily abandoned hip-hop writing and battle rapping for a new rock music project entitled Carbon Carousel. There has been much debate on few online messageboards with regards to this new direction, consequently, Eyedea or Mike - as he's going by now, has addressed these criticisms via a blog entry on the group's MySpace page.

  • I have proof, no footage though, that Eyedea was infact attempted to be signed by multiple big labels. The most notable one being Bad Boy's records, who also had beef with tupac. There was a forum somewhere saying that he wasn't attempted to be signed by puff, but it was the people who signed puff that wanted to sign eyedea. They tried this after all the blaze battles and stuff, but he declined staying with his roots that is rhymesayers. Eyedea did not battle eminem, but if he did he'd have body'd him. Eminem got 2nd place in '97, but never battled Eyedea there because that's around where dre noticed him. Eyedea got FIRST place in '99 and '00, possibly '98, but the fact remains Eyedea got first place, and was significantly younger than Eminem. For **** sakes, Eyedea had rhymed since BEFORE puberty. Grade 4, for him. His birthday is November 9th, 8 or 9 years old I believe that is, you do the math, which is before eminem. Eyedea could've been almost as, as, or more popular than Eminem if he had taken any of his deals. He simply didn't.

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  • They never battled. The rumor is a myth. Eminem didn't even win the rap battle you are thinking of. Thankfully their battles have been documented for comparison. Eyedea would destroy him on stage. Eminem has repeated lines at different battles. There is nothing proven against Eyedea that discredits his ability to be one of the greatest freestyle rappers in history. Eyedea was cross talented. He played guitar too. Eyedea was a comprehending rapper; meaning he didn't just speed-spit words out there. He obtained a unique flow anyone could comfortably understand despite his pace. A rapper can hit a thousand syllables a minute, but what good is that if you don't understand what he's dissin' out. Eyedea is a loss to us white folks similar to the black folks' loss of Tupac. Despite the fact I'm a fan of Eminem this topic has to be commented with sincerity. Eyedea was a better freestyle rapper than Eminem.

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    Did Eyedea ever battle Eminem?

    Rumor from my friend is that he did battle Eminem on the night that Em got signed by Dre and beat him. Is it true? And is there someplace on the internet with the battle footage?

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    i know slug for sure faced eyedea no idea if enimen even freestyle battles anymore i don't know about the dre thing, but eyedea is primarily a battle rapper. signing a record deal doesn't sound like him

  • I never heard that, but my money would be on Eyedea. I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I just felt like stating my opinion.

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