Did Hillary Clinton really want to be President.?

First one has to understand a Liberal does not want to work, they just want to be in the income stream. so by always running and people wanting to be on the winning side people donate to her campaign, thus she gets the money without having to go to work as president

9 Answers

  • She’s so robotic and overcontrolled emotionally it’s hard to tell.

  • If Trump was not elected..

  • She needed it to steal more from more people.

  • absolutely

  • Yes, and she would have done a fine job

  • Very very VERY much so. It was her lifelong dream. Everything she did was to climb towards that goal. She never really cared about any particular policy, you can see that by how easily her opinions changed based on momentary political advantage. She was defined by this ambition.

  • Yes, she did. I don’t think Donald Trump really wanted to be president and he is making a real mess of it.

    Trump was certainly not prepared to be president.

  • Not badly enough to work for it; she really believed she was entitled to it.

  • She thinks the presidency is owed to her

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