Did my mother ever love me?

Did she ever love me at all that she would do this to me and abandon me all my life? 

My first breath was the last of hers. I wish I could say I have celebrated a single Mother’s day with her, or have felt, at least once, a mother’s love, a mother’s touch, a meal cooked by mom, but it will never happen. 

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  • Is there a reason you post as anonymous?

  • Why on earth would you question her love for you.  If she died the moment that you were born she wouldn’t have had the time to even think about herself or what was happening.  She had no say in the matter but if she hadn’t wanted you she’d have aborted you rather than go through 9 months of discomfort carrying you and then the pain of giving birth. 

    I think that you might be a nasty insensitive troll using a subject like this to ask a stupid question which might be really upsetting to some people reading this now who have been through the trauma of losing a child or whose mother lost her life in the way you now mention.

  • i would hope so, its not her fault if she died

  • If you know for a fact that she didn’t love you which I think you don’t then she did love you. She didn’t die because she didn’t love you. 

  • I’m not sure that I’m reading your story correctly, but it sounds like you’re saying that your mum died in childbirth. I don’t understand how that would give you the impression that she didn’t care for you, let alone love you. There are not many situations when someone would go through the whole ordeal of becoming pregnant, doing their best to nurture a fetus, then do their best to give birth if they didn’t want a positive outcome from it. No one goes into labour expecting complications, let alone to die. Unless they are suicidal then they would not have the aim of dying. If she was suicidal then she would not have let the pregnancy come to fullterm, let alone given birth. The mere fact that you were able to be nurtured for 9 months and be born meant that she considered you precious enough to put strain and effort on her body and life enough to give you the chance at life. The fact that she careed for you until the last moment when she couldn’t should give you a sense of how valued you were to her. If she had been given the chance then she would have survived and been able to fulfil all of the thoughts, hopes and dreams of the her future with you that she would’ve thought about while pregnant. 

    Your being here is evidence of her efforts to love and care for you. Being sad about how things developed, that I can understand. But I find it a bit disrespectful to her that you think her not living meant that she showed you no proof of her having loved you. 

  • She carried you in her body, and tried to protect you. It’s a good guess that she loved you, yes. 

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