Did you or your child like being an only child?

Or would you or your child have preferred siblings?

Update: I was an only child growing up but I never longed for siblings, I was happy being an only child.

My daughter on the other hand who was an only child, longed for siblings but I did not want any more children.

She is now 22 and has 3 children of her own, her and her husband wanted 3 children close in age. They had twin girls and then 13 months later they had a baby boy and my daughter is glad that her children will always have siblings.

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  • YEs, my daughter wanted siblings. Now she has the kind of large, chaotic family she wants. But I think she benefitted in some ways from being an only child, whether she realizes it or not.

  • I was not an only child, I had two siblings. I think it is not about how many kids you have but how many kids can you afford to give a good life to. If your parents had the money to give a good life to only one child, then one child is best. If they can afford more, then maybe have more. too many people think of children like puppies instead of people who need quality educations and after school activities and health care.

    I wish I had been an only child because my parents could only afford one well. being stuck at home all day long and not having the money to do things you are interested in is not fun. poverty is misery. please do not do this to a child. they should teach this in schools.

  • I am a middle sibling, I never experienced being an only child. There were times I wanted to be an only child, I had brothers but no sisters (I always wanted that whan I was little).

    Later in the future maybe, I want childREN and not only one child.

  • No. One sibling was perfect.


  • Well,yes..

    I had many friends..

    flip side ..its sorta like this..

    you never had pizza..how could you miss it…

    especially,if that recipe ..was just not for you.~*

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