Didnt get my proofs @ Lors Studio for High School Senior pictures?

^^^^^ does anyone know why? I go to a school in NJ and i took my Senior picture around June 27 & its like, late July now. Am i not suppose to get them or what? Can i look online at my pictures if i have the code?

Please Help, Thankyou.

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  • In what way were they making fun of them? If they were just teasing, then they are probably just doing what friends do. Don’t let it get to you. If they have been making fun of you for little things like that for a while now, maybe there is something about you that they don’t like. Now that I think about it, if I was like thirty-something years old (assuming the pictures were taken when you were like around 15 or 16), and I saw my friend put up huge pictures of him in high school everywhere, I’d definitely laugh at that and tell him to stop living in the past. Then, I’d probably later forget that he even did that. Small things like that shouldn’t be made a big deal of. It’s your house. Your friends are most likely either just teasing you or jealous of how you looked when you were young. Again, it is bad to read into little things like this.

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    Obviously they have a different mind-set . If they are true friends, they should be proud of them and you too. Usually when people make fun of others, they have insecurities. Tell them they’ve had their fun and to move on.

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