Diff between Well, Call, and Premium Drinks?

What are the differences and what are some examples, especially of call and premium drinks/alcohols?

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  • Well drinks are those poured off the well. The well is the rack of stock liquors bars keep right at the bartender’s station. Well liquors usually make up your basic drinks like rum and coke, bourbon and 7-up, and many called cocktails like a Long Island Ice Tea.

    Call drinks are those called by the customer: Jack and coke, 7 & 7, or a Grand Gold Rita. Otherwise, the customer calls for a specific brand of liquor to be used. The call liquors make more money for the bar.

    Premium drinks are those that use top of the line name brand liquors such as Patron tequila, Belvedere vodka, Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, etc.

  • Premium Drinks

  • well is the cheapest, it’s kept in the speed rack below the bar so the bartender can quickly grab it, any cheap vodka.

    Then there is call, which is a little better , Smirnoff, then there is premium, Absolut typically.. then there is Ultra Premium- Ketel One or Grey Goose (the class was actually created by Grey Goose)

  • Well is the cheapest version of that liquor.

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