Do all doctors make you wear a gown during a physical examination ?

I am a 21 year old male and I just had a physical exam today from my female doctor. I am a new patient to her so everything started out as usual with a bunch of health questions. she then proceeded to push on my stomach for pains, take my pulse, etc. all while still dressed. She then had me stand up and pull down my pants and underwear to the floor. My penis and testicals and shaven pubic region were completely exposed. Is this normal ? During all of my past exams with previous doctors I always wore a robe that they provided, this time i was completely exposed and while she was doing the testicle test her face was right near my penis. Is all this normal ?

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  • I have never had to put on any gown unless i was having surgery. But now once when I was going into the service a guy got an erection(there was a female doc)helping, when they came to him she just took out her pen and gave it a good ol healthy whack, well he no longer had an erection and the rest of the examine went just fine. No it was not me that it happened to, it was a few guys down and across from me. so I seen it take place. Sure puts a damper on get one for a little while.

  • I just wanted to say wake up patients, wake up guys. The Physician does not dictate what you do in a physical, you are in charge of your own body. If you are very uncomfortable with a certain examination you can refuse it. in most cases it is better to just have the examination, but it is your right to refuse. You can also ask to have a male or female Chaperon present for your comfort. :Physicians should only be asking you to disrobe for the area presently being examined. If a Physician says you have to be nude throughout your examination he does not have any respect for you as a patient. Imagine as some commentary I have read that men sit completely nude throughout the examination, you guys have some issues!. Its the lack of men standing up for their rights as a patient that makes it more difficult for all of us guys to be treated with respect and dignity. If a Physician is not willing to work with you to make you feel comfortable during the examination it is time to leave.

  • it's always normal to have that kind of experience. usually, medics were more strict if you're applying to work abroad or be a tourist. i, myself have experienced when i was in chicago. they're just doing their job. next time, asked for it.

  • I was here on YA for something or other, but this question was displayed on the sidebar...

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