Do anyone know what brand makes this Cinnamon Peppermint Candy?

Pizza Hut had some of this candy near their cash-register in a bowl.

It’s a small round peppermint shape type candy, with peppermint colors (red/white stripes on the edges), but the center is a solid pink color. It taste like cinnamon, peppermint, and it’s (slightly) hot.

I was searching the net to see if I could find the brand that made this type of candy, but I couldn’t find anything. The candy is quite tasty. I would really like to know where I can purchase some?.

(And I called Pizza Hut, but they don’t know.)

Thank you in advance. 🙂

I found a picture of the candy on the net.


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  • They’re called Cinnamon Starlights. And brands will vary.

    Spice-C-Mints is one brand.….

    Brach’s is another brand:…

  • Cinnamon Peppermint Candy

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    Do anyone know what brand makes this Cinnamon Peppermint Candy?

    Pizza Hut had some of this candy near their cash-register in a bowl.

    It’s a small round peppermint shape type candy, with peppermint colors (red/white stripes on the edges), but the center is a solid pink color. It taste like cinnamon, peppermint, and it’s (slightly) hot.

    I was…

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  • The mints at Pizza Hut are called Cinnamon Starlight mints and they are from the corporate company Yum Brands. The are not sold to the public…the closest comparable mint is called Spi-C mint. Starlight mints by Spangler do not compare…more of a cinnamon flavored mint than a peppermint with a hunt of cinnamon. I’ve purchased both.

  • Was curious on the answer too


    1900s 1900 Milton S. Hershey of Lancaster , PA introduces the first Hershey milk chocolate bar. As one of the oldest American candy bars still in existence, it deserves to be called “The Great American Chocolate Bar” 1901 The King Leo pure peppermint stick candy was developed and trademarked. 1901 Multicolored candy disks called “NECCO wafers” first appear named for the acronym of the New England Confectionery Company. 1902 New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) makes the first conversation hearts which, to this day, continue to be a Valentine’s Day tradition. 1905 The Squirrel Brand Company of Massachusetts creates the first peanut bar known as the Squirrel Nut Zipper. This candy bar was, sadly, discontinued in the late 1980’s 1906 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses chocolates appear in their familiar silver foil wraps. 1910s 1912 Life Savers, the candy named for its ring shape with the hole in the center is introduced in peppermint flavor. Twenty Two (22) years would pass before the popular five-flavor roll is introduced. 1912 The Whitman’s Sampler box of chocolates is introduced and is the first box of chocolates to include an index allowing chocolate lovers to specifically choose the candy that they want to eat. 1913 Goo Goo Clusters, a Southern favorite, was the first bar to combine milk chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and peanuts. 1920s 1920 Fannie May Candies opens its first retail candy shop in Chicago . 1920 The Baby Ruth candy bar is introduced and is named for President Grover Cleveland’s daughter not the famous baseball player. 1921 Chuckles – colorful, sugared jelly candies are first made. 1922 Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are introduced and take on a cult status amongst East Coast candy lovers. 1923 The Mounds Chocolate Bar is offered which includes coconut filling encased in rich milk chocolate. 1923 The Milky Way Candy Bar is introduced by the Mars family. The candy bar was designed to taste like Malted Milk. 1925 Bit-O-Honey the honey-flavored taffy bar made with bits of almond is first introduced. 1926 Milk Duds are introduced 1927 McKeesport Candy Co. was established. Although not as important as the introduction of a new candy bar, we couldn’t resist including ourselves. 1928 Heath Bars appear, offering chocolate covered toffee. 1928 An important year for any candy lover as the beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is introduced. It remains one of the best selling candy bars of all times! 1930s 1930 M&M Mars introduces the Snickers Bar which, to date, is the best selling candy bar of all time. It was named after one of the family’s beloved horses… 1931 Tootsie Roll Pops are introduced and are consider by some to be the first “novelty candy” as they combined two candies in one. 1931 A fortunate accident involving Marshmallow at the Sifer’s Candy Company lead to the creation of the Valomilk Candy Bar. 1932 M&M Mars introduces the MARS Candy Bar which was renamed Snickers Almond Crunch in the late 1990’s. The formula remains the same with the only difference being the name! 1932 Ferrara Pan Candy Company, located in Chicago , introduces Red Hot Cinnamon candy known as Red Hots. 1932 M&M Mars debuts the 3 Musketeers Bar, made as a three-flavor bar featuring chocolate, vanilla and strawberry nougat. This flavor combination would last for thirteen (13) years. 1936 In a break from tradition, William Luden, one of the creators of Cough Drops, introduces the 5 th Avenue Candy Bar. 1939 Hershey’s Miniatures chocolate bars debut. 1940s 1941 “M&M’s” Plain Chocolate Candies are introduced in response to depressed chocolate sales in summer. Fifty-nine years later, M&M Mars shortened the name to M&M’s. 1942-1945 Working hard to maintain high wartime morale, female employees at Whitman’s Candy Company secretly slipped notes to soldiers in boxes of Whitman’s Chocolate Samplers destined for military shipment. The notes resulted in several long-term friendships and even a few marriages. 1945 M&M Mars decides to change the formula in the 3 Musketeers Bar to All Chocolate 1949 Junior Mints were introduced. 1949 Smarties candy roll wafers are introduced. They are often referred to as “candy pills”. 1949 El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars are the first five-cent bubble gum. 1950s 1954 Marshmallow Peeps are introduced by Just Born, Inc. in the shape of Easter chicks. 1950 Bobs Candy Canes, sold under the Cris Cringle brand, are introduced. 1958 Candy Necklaces, a retro candy classic, are introduced. 1960s 1960 In an effort to create a healthy candy product, M&M Mars Starburst Fruit Chews are introduced and later fortified with Vitamin C. 1960 Amurol confections introduce the first sugar free bubble gum called Blammo. 1960 Ferrara Pan Candy Company introduces Lemonheads and later in the year, Apple Heads,Grape Heads and Orange Heads. 1963 Sweetarts are introduced. 1970s 1970 M&M Mars introduces the Snickers Munch Bar 1976 Herman Goelitz Company introduces the first individually flavored Jelly Bean known as Jelly Bellies. 1978 Fueled by the overwhelming success of Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s introduces Reese Pieces. 1979 M&M Mars introduces the Twix Caramel Cookie Candy Bar. 1980s 1980 Herman Goelitz Company introduces the first American-made gummi bears and gummi worms. Traditionally, these candies were imported from Europe . 1981 Fueled by their success in Europe, M&M Mars introduces Skittle Bite Size Candies. 1990s 1992 M&M Mars introduces DOVE Dark Chocolate Bar and DOVE Milk Chocolate Bars 1994 M&M Mars introduces Starburst Jelly Beans.

  • i want them too, n how can they not know, someone orders them, where from?

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