Do atheists prefer islam over Christianity? Because most liberals seems to do so?

I mean maybe its their way of saying all religions is bull. By siding with one that is so messed up that in the end they have to give up religion.

Which is a funny theory to be honest. I mean TYT Cenk is agnostic i think, so that proves it when his show is funded by Al Jazeera, an arab news organization that is located in Qatar, and Qatar has close ties with Saudi Arabia, so whether its right wing or left wing bias news, its all fake news since news are never neutral.

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  • Atheist understand that they both worship the god of the Jews but in different fashions. We do not distinguish between the “gods” mankind has created and disbelieve in them all.

  • Its fine if you don’t understand atheists.

    And if you want to think all liberals are atheists, and all atheists are liberals, then you go right ahead and believe that if you like.

    Atheists don’t believe in the existence of any gods.

    So its very unlikely an atheist would “side” with one religion or another since atheists don’t follow any religion

    “which is a funny theory to be honest” – not funny, simply wrong.

  • Of course not. ALL religions are wrong, and atheists don’t need any other way of saying it. Yes, it’s a funny theory, because it’s wrong.

  • Atheists prefer delusion.

  • Liberals believe in real things not fictional religion like the two you have mentioned

  • Because Islam is generally “non-proselytizing”….

  • You’re really drunk.

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