I have two budgies, and there is a mirror in thier cage. I was told it would be a good idea to take the mirror out because the birds might masterbate with it. Is that even probable? Do birds masterbate?

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  • I had a male budgie for 10 years and yes he use to hold on to the mirror he had and rub his behind on the bar.

    I wouldnt remove the mirror. My budgie was alone, so I got him a mirror not to feel too lonely during the day. But one time he escaped from his cage. I lived on the 32 floor at the time (I live in HK!) and I was so sad...that I ran downstairs with his mirror and started calling his name. He could speak too, he could say: Pretty Luglio, Pretty boy. He could also imitate the fridge, and kisses. I got him quite young and males usually are better at imitating. Also, the L word is easy for them.

    So, I went down and called him...and it took him quite a few fligths around my complex between the 40 storey buildings but I could hear him and he could hear the mirror as it had bells underneath it, and well...he landed on the 4th floor of a building near me, and I got him back! Thanks to the "lover" mirror! Took me 1 hour about.

    If you have a male and a female, there may not be any "closeness" with the mirror. You should rather invest in a nest.

    As for "where" is their thing. Birds do not actaully have a penis (except big birds, like ostriches, but then again it is not the same as for mammals). Sperm is stored in a special location near their anus and they mate by rubbing their cloacas (anuses) and the male ejects the sperm inside the female.

  • I swear this is true! I had a Cockateil that used to do it constantly. He had a "playpen" on top of his cage that he hung out on. He would back up until his groin was touching the edge of the wood and rub back and forth really fast. When he was "finished" he would stick his tail straight up in the air and start chirping. That was also the only time that he would not bite my husband if he walked by.

    It was crazy and funny all at the same time.

  • Yes. Also, when you are holding them, sometimes they will try to masterbate your hand. Some people think this is funny to watch, but can ruin your bird. It can turn very aggressive after the hormonal period is over and change its personality.


  • Yes. I have a DNA female macaw who goes through "spells" where she rubs her rump on a favorite toy, and groans just like people do, lol, lol! I'm told its a healthy thing, don't worry - its harmless... (leave the mirror with the bird)

  • We have 3 cockatiels and the do not seem to but I do have a Cockatoo female and she does it every day! She backs herself up to a toy and raises her tail and rubs on it. They definitely do, there is no question in my mind!

  • That would be the first time I've herd of that,monkeys ok but birds?I would have to say no. -Tim

  • Yes, they do-I've seen cockatiels on their toys rocking back and forth. 🙂 I thought it was actually kind of cute, lol.

  • Im looking at all your answers and im like they do? but where is their thingy at?

  • i doubt it but hey we need to see it ourselfs right?

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