Do Christians still believe that Obama is the anti Christ even though he’s not president anymore?

10 Answers

  • No and never believed it. Good try!

  • I don’t think he’s anything !!

  • Obama may still yet have a role to play on a global scale, the progressive liberals really love him but he’s playing them like a violin.

  • I don’t know. I knew they were wrong because Obama wasn’t born in the ancient area of the Seleucid kingdom. What Obama was is a typical bad president who wasn’t good or trustworthy with foreign policy, and who enslaved everyone to the insurance companies.

  • O is not the anti-christ anymore. The guy is busy vacation for the rest of his life. He surrendered his lawyer license for not disclosing something in his application of ??

  • Prove it..

    Or,are you just randomly making crap up again?🤔

  • Don’t be ridiculous. That was only about 47% of them.

  • Christians will believe anything they’re told, either in church or out. That’s why they sing to an imaginary being and vote for a money grabbing con-man.

  • He was definitely not a saint and a pathological liar imo

  • No

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