Do dogs lay eggs….?

Ive never seen dogs give birth but sum1 at school said they lay eggs?

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  • No dog do not lay eggs, its a mammal and mammal do not lay eggs except monotremes.

  • Sort of, I guess. A puppy does not hatch from an egg, like a cнιcκen egg. But female dogs have “eggs” in their reproductive system. A ꜱρєɾɱ combines with an egg, that will grow into a puppy. But when they are born they come out just like humans. No eggs, just them embryotic sac. And they are sooooo cute when they are born.

  • Are u serious?

    Wow how old are you like 7?

    Dogs do not lay eggs.

  • Dogs deffinately don’t lay eggs. Dogs are mammals, and mammals don’t lay eggs.

  • How Do Dogs Give Birth

  • No dogs don’t leg eggs. They give birth just like a human except depending on the breed of dog there are usually multiple puppies. Don’t trust that person, trust your own eyes 🙂 !!!!

    Source(s): Watched my friend’s dog give birth on three separate pregnancies.
  • No they are mammals like us and mammals can’t deliver eggs with the exception of the platypus. Female dogs have eggs stored in their ovaries that develope into embryos when fertilized by a ꜱρєɾɱ maybe that’s what they were talking about.

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