Do dogs masterbate? If not, my Rott sure likes his lipstick clean!?

I can’t get him to stop! And he does it at the worst times! It seams like he wants to put on a show everytime someone is near by!

He is cliped… he is 4 and he got cliped when he was 1… He does this more than anything. Everytime I walk into the room he is doing it. And he is developing technical skills for it. He will sit in the corner when he can so his вυŧŧ doesnt slide out from under himself when he is doing it really hard. Its nasty!

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  • lol…thts so cute!!

  • Animals мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽ, just like humans do. It’s normal, even for neutered animals. Humans get ‘neutered’ all the time (due to testicular cancer, ovarian problems, et cetera) and a lot of those people still мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽ. He might also be simply grooming himself, or he might have an itch. It’s really not that big a deal. Animals lick themselves. It’s just what they do.

  • Dogs are very clean animals and he is just grooming himself. If the time is inappropriate, correct him by saying No and then distract him with a toy.

  • Take your dog to the vet to make sure he doesn’t have a bladder/urinarty tract infection. Excessive licking in that area is a sign the dog may have an infection.

  • Depends of how long he is licking I guess. My puppy licks just to clean the urine left there from ᴘᴇᴇing.

  • oh get him neutered of whatever the word is i have no idea

    thats what my friends dog did alot but i think you can only get it done for a dog when they are at a certain age

  • Yes they do,

    Neutering him would be the best idea.

    Good to stop the wolrd from having a million strays,

    and he could get cancer if you plan not to breed him.

  • I dont think that dogs mastrubate. Beside i dunt think they even know what it MEANS LMFAO! well if he wants to put a showtime, it probably means ur dog is fun and active i guess?? lmfao 😉

  • ya dat is funny, but dogs don’t do dat, i’ve got 4 boys and they all do da same thing

  • my puppy tries to hump pillows, he’s to big to make contact though.

  • get him a girl dog bet he would be happy

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  1. For all those saying get him neutered, that’s what clipped means. He’s already fixed. For those who say dogs don’t masturbate, time to do some quick googling, they do, and they do it orally as well as humping. Once or twice a day is totally normal. Excessiveness beyond that, take to the vet


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