Do duh name Ruby Begonia ring a bell ? Are you old enough to remember where this came from ?

This was said on an old TV comedy series by a wonderfully funny man. I am not sure if I remember it when it was on or from reruns before it was stopped from being aired. This a tip.. STOPPED from being aired. If you remember which character it was talk about it and lets relive some old times. Or guess if you want to.

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  • The show had to be "Amos and Andy". I have to guess which character, though, since I didn’t actually see (or hear) this episode. It must have been Andrew H. Brown. I am familiar with the quote, though. A long, long, long time ago when I was in Military Intelligence (yes, I know, oxymoron) this became a catch phrase for a while at one of my units. As in Q: "So what’s the source on this?" A: "Do duh name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?" Meaning, basically, one of the usual suspects. That lasted until we all got tired of it and went to something else equally juvenile.

    Even though Amos and Andy was forced off the air, I always thought that the show helped rather than hurt the civil rights cause. I have heard more than one black actor say that. As you point out, these guys were great comedians and good actors. Their thing was being stereotypical. Of course it didn’t help the cause of the show in general that the creators and radio actors were white. But no one seems to remember that Amos was a very literate, well spoken, philosopher type who tried to keep the Kingfish and Andy out of trouble.

    I always looked at this as just a really funny show, and I never felt it had a racist slant. Situation comedies work because most of the characters in them do and say really dumb things. That’s where the humor comes from. Doesn’t matter if the actors are white, black or extraterrestrial. On TV, you have to act stupidly to be funny.

  • I know that it was taken off the air for being racist. Hard to imagine with all that is on TV nowadays. I think Sanford and Son was just as racist if not more so. I vaguely remember the show and remember it as being really funny. Or maybe it was my grandfather laughing at it so hard that I merely knew it was funny.

    From going through the web, the big question is whether Ruby Begonia existed before the "Amos and Andy" show. No one seems to know or can find out.

    Subject: Re: Who was Ruby Begonia

    From: myoarin-ga on 17 Jul 2005 13:24 PDT Justaskscott-ga can deal with the true origin of Ruby Begonia. (I think he is right.) At the risk of revealing to the wider world one of the stranger events in Texas, I include the following about what Ruby Begonia: King Turkey Day Worthington The battle is on for the Travelling Turkey Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph, and the fastest turkey takes the prize. The race is between two turkeys, real turkeys, through the streets of Worthington. Part of the annual festivities of King Turkey Day is a race held between a Worthington turkey and a turkey from Cuero, Texas. The race in Worthington is the first of two. The turkey and a few handlers travel to Cuero in October to compete again. The turkey with the fastest combined time wins the trophy and captures the title of Turkey Capital for its home town. Worthington’s entry, traditionally named Paycheck, and Cuero’s bird, named Ruby Begonia, have met 28 times. Worthington has a slight edge in the series. The races can be close; not too long ago Worthington won the trophy by a few hundredths of a second. But the Great Gobbler Gallop is not the only event taking place on King Turkey Day. Before the race, the town features a guest speaker. Previous speakers have included Richard Nixon, Robert Kennedy, Jesse Ventura and Jesse Jackson. After the race, a 150-unit parade makes its way through the streets of Worthington. In the parade will be Paycheck’s pace car, a 1985 black Cadillac with a zany paint job. Other activities around town include music, entertainment and food vendors for the crowds of more than 10,000 people. Some in attendance may even try their luck at riding a mechanical bull, Wully Bully. In appreciation of the community Worthington is hosting a free pancake breakfast, an annual tradition. King Turkey Day is going on its 63rd year and started as a way for the community to celebrate its area turkey farmers. Twenty-eight years ago a Worthingtonite was travelling in Texas and came upon Cuero’s celebration. It was proposed, since both towns had a heritage of raising turkeys, that there should be a competition, and the Great Gobbler Gallop was born. Information: Call the Worthington Chamber of Commerce at (507) 372-2919.

  • Sounds like the Kingfish on the old Amos & Andy show. I also seem to remember Sammy Davis Jr., doing it too but probly as a tongue in cheek reference to A&A.

  • Sounds like the Kingfish on the old Amos & Andy show. I also seem to remember Sammy Davis Jr., doing it too but probly as a tongue in cheek reference to A&A.

  • Not that I’m old enough to remember it, it’s just that I’m a nostalgia buff. I’m more of an old time radio aficianado so I’m more familiar wth them in that medium.

    Just listen to that Stutz-Bearcat motor!

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  1. It was Flip Wilson. I loved his show as a kid and had…I think at least two of his albums. They may both have been made from his TV show. One album was “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress” and it was his Geraldine Jones character. But he told that joke on one of his albums. It’s actually a pretty long setup with, I hate to say it, a pretty lame punchline, i.e., a groaner.

    My (poor) recollection is that Flip tells the story of a kingdom where a princess named Ruby Begonia would come out on the castle’s balcony every afternoon and ring a bell etc etc. And the end is one of the townspeople turning to another and asking, “Do Ruby Begonia ring a bell?”

    I never see a begonia or hear the word that I don’t hear Flip Wilson saying that line. Wonderfully funny man.

    • As I remember being a kid back in the 60s or 70s my mom starts saying it Ruby begonia it was a kind of a funny joke she said somebody called on the phone and asked if Rudy begonia was there it’s a funny joke for the family for years and today I just met somebody named Rudy for some reason it reminded me of Ruby begonia I was just curious where it came from haven’t heard it in years but it was funny both my parents are the best that’s just one of the funny things I remember but my parents


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