Do Fish Sleep?????????

Community fish,like goldfish?

How can you tell if they are sleeping?

9 Answers

  • yeah they do sleep. when they are on the bottom and not moving, they are asleep. they don’t have eyelids so they can’t close their eyes. fish are interesting.

  • Do Fishes Sleep

  • Yes, they do. My goldfish slept at night after I turned the light out, and I could tell they were sleeping because they were active and swimming during the day but around night time they’d drift close to the bottom of the tank and were still.

  • Yes they do. Usually by the time you look to see of they are asleep you have made enough noise and vibrations to wake them up.

    When they sleep they just sort of hang in the water and not move much.

    here is a blurb about sleeping goldfish;_ylt…

  • hello they do i have a betta fish and it sleeps

  • They sleep when they dont move they are sleeping

  • Mine don’t because they drink a lot of coffee.

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