Do Geminis seem bipolar to you?

I am Gemini by the way….not sure about the bipolar. I know a few other Geminis and they also said that they feel bipolar soemtimes….just wondering. As for the Bipolar being a serious inssue…I know. I don’t make light of mental health issues.

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  • Yes, they fit the description sometimes. My mother and father are both Gemini’s, and they’re…well…they’re Gemini’s, lol.

  • I am a Gemini and I believed that I am not a bipolar (specially mental health issues), but I do believed that my mood changed from time to time specially when my twins is gone somewhere, or my twins takes over me,lol…

    Edit: On average, someone with bipolar disorder may have up to three years of normal mood between episode of mania (high) or depession (low). Based on this quote, that I believed I am not a bipolar, or having a health issues, as you and Janet have mentioned above…

  • No, they do not seem bipolar to me. Bipolar is a serious, biochemical disorder of the brain in which there are extremes in mood between mania and depression that last from days to weeks if untreated with medication.

    If you are trying to connect astrology with psychiatry in terms of this specific disorder, you might find mercury with malefic aspects to mercury in the 6th house and especially if it involves the moon (mood swings) and Saturn (sustained behavior).

    Geminis only SEEM bipolar on a minute to minute basis, but the sun sign alone does not indicate the extreme and sustained mood swings that are so characteristic of Bipolar Personality Disorder.

  • I don’t think I’m bipolar.

    Bipolar disorder has more to do with mental and emotional distress… you’re doing good one minute, the next you’re depressed and on the verge of cutting your wrists.

    So… No, Geminis aren’t bipolar, just complex… being bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain.

  • Yes my dad is a Gemini and he certainly seem bipolar.

  • well, yes. i guess.

    that’s what most people say about gemini’s anyway.

    but this is because gemini’s are represented by twins, and twins are often different in personality from each other, so maybe that’s what is triggering the bipolar act.

  • Hahaa. I’m a Sun-Leo. But Moon-Aquarius, Venus-GEMINI.

    I’m disgustingly indecisive. I don’t think that Venus actually is supposed to effect one so much generally, but in love and the like, i do act really bipolar, like happy bordering clingy with you one minute, yearning to get away from you the next. maybe i’m just actually bipolar though… Meh.

  • Yes

    I have a Gemini daughter

    with a Moon in Scorpio

    and a Cancer Rising

    A Tidal Wave one minute

    A whirlpool the next

    We thought she might be


  • Not the ones I’ve met.

    Now according to astrology,I’m a Capricorn,and I really am bipolar. I take medicine for it and everything.

  • Nopee. I think they’re just 2 faces. I have friends like that & they are geminis.

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