Do Home Depot or Lowes have layaway?

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  • Not that I know of….but their credit line is simpler than dirt to get. With a filled out credit application you get 10% off your first purchase and have the option of no interest, no payments for 12 months with purchases over $299. I sound like an advertisement!!! PS: I love your call name: I’m a lab lover too.

  • Home Depot Layaway

  • Lowes Layaway

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Do Home Depot or Lowes have layaway?

  • Lowes because I have stock that is not doing so well with the housing meltdown. The real reason is that I like Lowes better than Home Depot and so do most of my friends.

  • I guess layaway is offered to employees.

  • does home depot have lay a way?

  • Chill!! Do you think that your comment is warranted, if you know what that means??

  • no but they have a thing card a home depot card…

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