Do I capitalize preschool?

I’m writing an essay, and I need to know if I would capitalize preschool and the other schools in the essay so far it’s,

In Chile there are 4 levels of education. The first level is Preschool, then Primary school, then Secondary school, and lastly Technical and Higher Education.

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  • No

  • No, you wouldn’t capitalize preschool unless it’s the name of a specific preschool. The name of a specific preschool is a proper noun, which has to be capitalized. Just the word preschool is a common noun, so it should not be capitalized. Also, primary, secondary, technical, and higher should not be capitalized either, for the same reason.

  • No.

    Only capitalize if they are the names of specific schools:

    George Washington Preschool

    Dakota Primary School

    Warren County High School

    Art & Design Technical School

    Columbia College


    “higher education” would never be capitalized.

  • You only capitalize the letter “p” in the word “preschool” if the word is at the begining of a sentence.

  • Generally, no. But it’s a nice point in this instance; I think you’d be justified in capitalizing the four levels of education like four ‘titles’ (sub-heads) in your essay.

  • No

  • dunno if you have to, but i would. like making them mini-headings. do it just in case.

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