Do i need a passport when travelling to Spain by Air from the UK or will my UK driving license be enough?

If so why? The UK is part of the EU

wow thanks for all your patient, thoughtfull and clear replies, its so obvious isnt it, notwithstanding the UK’s membership of the EU. I did hear a few years ago that because UK driving licenses now have photos then that was enough to travel to other EU countries.

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  • Although the UK and Spain are both in the EU, the UK and Ireland did not sign the Schengen treaty. The Schengen treaty allows its signatory countries travel within the Schengen region without immigration checks. Consequently, you need your passport to travel into the Schengen as there will be immigration checks but once within the Schengen region, you do not need your passport (of course, even in Schengen countries you still need valid identification to board the plane for security reasons but do not need passports for immigration purposes).

    In essence, what I am saying is that you need your passport to enter Spain from the UK. So take your passport.

  • No you need a passport to fly anywhere out of the UK. Its then valid for 10 years. So after 10 years your need to apply for another one. I went to Greece this year and Spain last year and you HAVE to show your passport at the check in desk before you can go to the departure lounge. Same as when you arrive at your destination, they will want to see your passport. If you dont have one you need to get one. If you are going to spain soon id hurry up in getting it aswel as it can take upto 6 weeks or longer to recieve it.

    Or go to the passport office in London where you can wait while its being sorted. Be prepared to wait a few hours though.

  • I think you need a passport to go anywhere internationally. You need either a British or EU passport to travel anywhere. You would be lucky to get out of the country without a passport let alone into another.

  • You need a Passport. You can get an application form for a Passport from the Post Office.

  • Take your passport. If you are travelling within the U.K only photographic ID is required with some airlines (not all of them allow this though i.e. Easy jet/Ryanair), but if you are leaving the country immigration insists on travellers having their passport. If in doubt call your airline or look on their web address and there is usually a FAQ section.

    Have a good trip!

  • You need your passport. As to why, because our government never signed up to the Mastricht treaty (think that is spelt incorrectly) which removed passport controls when travelling between EU countries.

  • of course you need a passport go to the post office and pick up an application form, your driving licence is not a passport

  • YES you need a passport. You can’t even travel within UK by plane without one!

  • If you want to leave the airport, and get onto a plane, you definitely need that passport

  • You need a passport

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