do i put water in my vauxhall astra 1.4 in the tub marked coolant?

my friend wrote coolant,hes a mechanic but i cant remember and cant get in touch,yes i know im thick thanks

4 Answers

  • You top up the overflow bottle, which is what you’re referring to, so that the liquid level is between the two marks. Don’t fill it to the top. If the level is already between the marks you need do nothing.

    You can get premixed coolant from Halfords and the like, it is in fact a mixture of water, antifreeze, corrosion inhibitor and a little something to help lubricate your water pump.

  • I would suggest you pop into a garage and ask what to put in it. Coolant is a mix of water and coolant and it helps in 2 ways one to stop over heating and two to stop it freezing in the winter so water is not the best idea. As said above just pop into one i’m sure they would be willing to advise you.

  • you put water AND coolant… you want to keep a 50/50 mix in your radiator, and the “tub marked coolant” is an overflow tank that will inevitably end up in your radiator at some point in the cars near future. essentially, neither is wrong, water or coolant, it’s simply better if you add both in a 1:1 ratio as opposed to just one or the other.

  • Yes, water and antifreeze mix

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