do ice and salt tattoos work?!?!?!?!?

umm i tried it lmao the marker didnt stay!!! what shud i do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

p.s. it didnt hurt that bad

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  • know that hurts like helI right? all it does is burn your skin.itll heal over and its gunna heal over.rubbing alcohol gets rid of that. and its just gunna b like… a blob. its not permanents,and it bleeds like helI. just go get a real one.

    cheapa** idiot.

    no offense or anything.

  • Home Based Tattoo Removal

  • You don’t use ink,there are two methods

    1 carfully sprinkle salt in the patten you want and hold ice over it untill it is compleatly melted.If you do it this way it is likly to come out blurry

    2 make a stencle of what evever shape you want,you can make this out of any plastic perhaps a plastcik lid or a milk bottle,put the stencel oon the skin you want tattooed fill it with salt and hold ice over it.Rember it is not permanate and to burn it enough for it to stay a while will probable take a few ice cubes and alot of pain,you may want to shave the area you are tattooing first,best of luck,and be carful.

  • whats a salt and ice tattoo?

  • EXTREME PAIN is involved.They turn out ugly and nothing like you want them to be.

    Get a real one.

  • yes

  • YES!! but they hurt like hell and aren’t clean and neat like ink tattoos




  • Umm… gross.

  • wtf!?

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