Do ice cream trucks accept credit cards?

I'm just wondering. The truck goes by my house every day. I'd love to buy my toddler an ice cream, but I never carry cash and don't want to get his hopes up.

Wrong section, I know, but I figure you guys probably visit with your kids more than anyone else on Y!A.

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  • I doubt it. Just keep some cash in a jar somewhere in the house, and when you hear the truck go by, grab it and go!

  • The reason why some small businesses don't accept credit cards is because it costs anywhere from 1-3 dollars just for turning your credit into cash (depending on what kind of credit card you carry) so if you buy 5 dollars in ice cream with your credit card the ice cream man has to pay a couple of dollars just to turn them into cash.

    Don't forget tipping is always a good idea.....

  • Not likely. The cost of the driver to have a credit card machine and pay for each transation used on it would be way more than the ice cream. Even the old swipe machines would be costly. I don't think it would be too safe to use a card with the ice cream man anyway. I feel your pain though, I never carry cash and always need it. It's definitely a bad idea not to have at least $10 on your person, but who has time to go to the ATM?

  • Some ice cream trucks do accept credit cards, some other do not.


    Do ice cream trucks accept credit cards?

  • Probably not yet but they probably will in the future.

    Ice cream truck story. I grew up in the country. One day, when I was like 6 or so, me and my little brother were watching TV. It was the summer time and we were not in school. It was an old show like "Leave it to Beaver" or something like that. They showed an ice cream truck. Me and my little brother were "They have those things?!?!?!" We then went an gathered up every nickel and dime that we had and went and sat by the side of the road waiting for an ice cream truck to show up. Of course, we are in the country and there won't be any ice cream trucks coming out there. I guess we waited a couple of hours before we gave up.

  • Nope. If you think you have to use a credit card because you don't have cash you shouldn't be buying ice cream...

  • I'm sure you could round up a dollar in change from your car and around your house. But in my experience, no they don't take credit cards.

  • Even to this day they don't. If they did I'd be disappointed, for as soon as you hear the little song go by, everyone in the house, by natural, inborn reaction, must flip the house upside-down, take all the change, and run outside. It's just the way it works.

  • I just asked one that drove by, but I am afraid I do not have good news for you... No, this one did not take credit cards and he doesn't think any others do....

  • Nope. Cash only. Grab some change laying around the house and give your son a treat 🙂

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