do italian people have naturally big noses? ?

not being offence or anything but im like half italian and i personally thing i have a big nose and so does my dad and my grandpa im wondering if its b/ im italian or just a family think

ps what i mean by big nose is big and also stick out and the bridge is not strait or does not dip in

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  • Yes, it’s a Roman nose, but every ethnic group has those with big honkers.

  • you’re complicated complexion with ethnicity. Northern Italians have a mild complexion, oftentimes freckles. blue and green eyes, and mild-weight reddish brown, to blonde hair. Southern Italians tend to have greater of an olive complexion and brown to brown black hair and dark eyes. Sicilians, who seem now stated as Italian, at the instant are not Sicily is a separate usa and the persons from there are Sicilians and are frequently darker with black hair and dark eyes/ frequently an Italian does not have married a Muslim, not in the event that they have been nonetheless living in Italy. you’re incredibly achieving along with your descriptions. you may’t be “area Muslim” it particularly is a faith and not an ethnic team. If the two certainly one of your dad and mom are Italian. you’re Italian. in the experience that your Grandfather is French, your Italian and French. as a techniques because of the fact the blood working via my vein, the only way it particularly is not comparable to the different human is on blood form. there is not any consisting of Italian blood

  • no they do not. it s a stereotype from when Italians came in large numbers and were discriminated against. you re all idiots.

  • do u mean like how black people sometimes have button type noses?

    i think italians and other people from around that medit. area have strong noses yh…Roman

    in italy men with small noses are considered ugly anyway lol its gd to have a big nose

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  1. To the dude that commented before, something being a stereotype doesn’t mean it´s not a real thing. Italians having big noses it’s one based on truth, they do have [on average] a bigger nose than northern Europeans. I live in Argentina, and all the dudes with Italian surnames have a pretty big nose compared with native Americans (included everyone in my family…).


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