Do libturds hate having fun and don’t know how to be happy? Is it true they don’t like happy conservatives?

9 Answers

  • I’m not really seeing what’s so fun about being conservative. Living in perpetual fear of imaginary demons and anyone who’s different, shunning reality and education, making yourselves look ridiculous at every available opportunity, the constant dishonesty.

  • Nah. Cons have no joy. Only racism

  • No and no.                             

  • As soon as you read the word libturds or libtard you know what follows is an idiotic rant 

  • Libs are angry, hateful and miserable.

  • How come conservatives can’t accept that not everybody thinks the same way they do?

  • Liberal teachers messed them up in the head.

  • They have nearly everything they could have hoped for concerning the election, and they cheated to get it. Yet they are the most miserable, the most antagonistic, the most accusative people on the planet. Now Maxine Waters is trying to incite riots with more protests, personally. 

    Maxine Waters calls for violence after the Chauvin trial

  • They party with each other nearly every day in Washington

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