do male guinea pigs spray?

so my boyfriend and i both have a guinea pig. he has a male and i have a female. we keep them in different cages but sometimes we let them see each other when we are holding them. and for the past two days now when we let our male guinea pig run around he puts off this nasty smell..and he will leave the smell on a spot on the ground and has done it in a small blanket. and i smelt him because i thought maybe it was just him all together but he doesn't smell like it. i was just wondering what the smell could be and why he is doing it.

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  • Both boars(males) and sows(females) spray. They do this for a number of reasons, the main one for sows being when they are annoyed and telling another guinea pig to leave them alone, the main one for boars is marking their territory.

    I have never smelt it, but I have seen it numerous amounts of times, both from my girls and my boys. Boys mainly rub their testicles all over the place, but in a situation like yours where he has built up testosterone from not being with your sow but being able to still smell her, he is trying to bring her closer with his scent.

    Of course it is going to have a smell! You have a boyfriend, I'm not sure how old you both are, but if you are sexually active(I am in no way trying to be vulgar or crude, I'm just explaining the facts of life), you will soon(or would have already) notice(d) the smell of having a male around, too! But the level of smell depends on the level of personal hygiene. So if he(your guinea pig lol not your bf) has a particularily nasty smell going on, it is time to give him and his enclosure a bath.

    Although they don't get buck grease like rats and mice, they do get a build up of gunk(bits of bedding if you use shavings, left over food, dirt and old poop) in their testicular sack and this can be the source of the nasty smell. This happens because they are so low to the ground, everything that can be picked up in there, will.

    This sack should be cleaned out at least once every month no matter what anyways as it can cause a build up of crap(literally) which will make it harder for him to poop out the cecal poo that he needs to eat for extra nutrition. What you need to do is get some cotton buds(q-tips) and some personal lubricant or mineral oil. Then you need to turn his bum inside out(literally) until you can see the sack lining and give it a good clean out with the lubed/oiled up cotton buds(gently).

    All of these things, plus his overactive sex drive are going to create a badly smelling environment because he has no other way to relieve himself, thereby making his cage stink. I would suggest keeping him right away from your sow(this means having at least one wall between them at all times) and getting him a boy cagemate to keep the smell at bay, unless you are going to keep up a strict cleaning schedule.

    Best of luck!

  • Both male and female guinea pigs have scent glands, but neither sprays urine. The male will be trying to tempt the female and warn off other males (even if there aren't any around). Don't have them close like that because it is giving the male hope of getting together with the female, and then frustrating him... as well as causing the smell.

  • Both male and female guinea pigs spray urine. They tend to do it when they are slightly irritated. My female sprays much more right after her heat. I do not know if spaying her would help because not many vets around here have spayed female guinea pigs, and I wouldn't risk the surgery.

  • Yes, they do spray.

    Also, your boyfriend needs to neuter the boy and put them together. It is not fair to have guineapigs on their own, and it will distress them if they can hear each other but not get to each other.

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