do naturally blond haired people have blonde eyebrow?

have you ever heard that you can tell a person's real hair color by their eyebrows? is that true , so if a person has blond hair naturally , will they have blond eyebrows

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  • In the majority of cases, yes. Eyebrows will be the same type of colour as on their head. Yet it can be a different shade of blonde. I've not once come across someone with naturally blonde eyebrows and naturally brown hair, or any other combination of brow and hair colours.

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  • It depends, usually platinum blonds will have platinum blond eyebrows, but a lot of the time blonds will have light brown eyebrows. The darker the shade of blond, the darker the eyebrows.

  • Eyebrows are often quite a bit darker than the rest of the hair on the head, so that really isn't entirely accurate.

  • Not all the time. I have blonde hair with what looks like brunette eyebrows.

    It's not that big of a deal though since I have dark blonde hair.

  • yes usually you can tell for example if someone has very light blond hair and they have very light eyebrows than yes. but with dirty blond hair it is harder to tell. also some unnatural blonds dye there eyebrows too. so it varies.

  • yes blondes do have blonde eyebrows but like if u have black hair u can also have brown brows sometimes

  • yes blondes do have blonde eyebrows. or a little bit of a lighter brown

  • Yes and blonde eyelashes also, its hard to notice their eyebrows n eyelashes from far tho

  • honestly, i actually dont think you should do some thing that drastic. get some honey blond highlights or something. because if an individual want platinum blonde hair, you are going to have to bleach the particular heck out of it.

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