Do parcels arrive separately from ordinary post?

I bought something of ebay, they sent it as a standard parcel which takes 3 days to get here. Today is the third day, I have already received my ordinary post letters and stuff so does this mean the parcel won’t come today or do they come separately. With the man in the van. Also usually parcels come early in t he morning. This is royal mail

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  • All mail for any given street / district is the responsibility of the postman assigned to the round. He is required to ensure delivery of all mail to that round. However, lettermail is his priority though, so parcels and packets go into the sacks after the letters. If there are any parcels or packets that are too big, bulky or heavy to fit in his sacks, he can pass it to a driver who will cover several postmen’s rounds and deliver the oversized or overweight items, plus lettermail to any business or premises that regularly receive large quantities of mail.

    In answer to your question, it really depends on the size, shape and weight of your item, and if its relatively small and light, it depends on how busy your postman is and how full his sacks are.

    Van or postman, either way, it ought to be delivered by 3pm if its coming at all that day.

    I’m not quite sure where you get exactly 3 days from. Standard Parcels is a non-guaranteed, non-urgent economy service, thats why its the cheapest option. The estimated (and its only an estimate) delivery time is 3-7 days. As a general rule of thumb, the larger it is and the further it must travel will increase the time it takes (this is not the case for First Class – which should be 1-2 days, regardless of size and distance).

    Also, bear in mind that the ebay seller may not have actually posted it straight away, or they may have posted it after their last collection, which would mean that Royal Mail wouldn’t even have the item to start that delivery time countdown.

  • Post man carries everything up to large letter post.

    Parcel post comes on the van

  • Depends on the size really. Anything much larger than a small jiffy bag comes on the van

  • It will come on the van, your presuming they sent it straight away too lol. Ignore any despatch notifications you get off ebay there bo**ocks, doesn’t mean a thing.

  • You should take it to the Post Office and hand it over the counter – it sounds like you are returning something to a seller and if so you should always get a proof of postage certificate

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