Do people in Europe and the U.K. have much better standard of living than people in the USA? if so, why, how?

if anyone knows too, how the current level of unemployment in Europe and the U.k. compare o that of the USA? why this is?

what about wage levels? why this is?

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  • On the whole, it’s not too different – but Europe / UK have better healthcare and social systems in place, and better working conditions / employment laws

  • Lower-income Europeans/Britons probably have better lives than lower-income Americans.  The US has, by public policy, imported tens of millions of impoverished people from other countries; Europe and the UK have not (as much).  So the US is a hybrid: part of it is Luxembourg/Denmark, part of it is South Africa.

    Upper-income Americans have the best lives of all.  Lots of space, inexpensive housing, relatively low taxes.  

    So if I were poor, I’d rather live in Europe or the UK. But if I were rich, I’d rather live in the US.

  • UK is part of Europe, and Europe, like Asia, is a continent of many different countries with many different standards of living, etc. You guys should really start to understand that by now…. Anyway, some European contries are quite rich, others quite poor… The UK is somewhere in the middle.

  • Africans are going to enter US

  • It helps to have strong unions, parties to the left of the Democrats, and NGOs who watch over the environment and consumer’s right

  • We are far behind the greatest countries of the world.

  • 1. Better protections for workers and consumers.

    2. Tax policies that discourage hoarding, disallow removing wealth from the country. 

  • People in other countries respect each other. 

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