do pill bottles really hide the smell of weed?

selling tomorrow and gotta hide the smell at school

5 Answers

  • Thats what i usually use to keep it in because they are air tight. If youre really nervous put a couple dryer sheets in the bottle too. unless there is a dog at your school…there shouldnt be a problem

  • Weed In A Pill Bottle

  • they are ok, but the hands down best way that is completely unsmellable even from most dogs is this

    make sure the weed is in a baggie, wrap in it drier sheets. then get a deoderant stick and unscrew it completely, put the weed with drier sheets in, then screw the deoderant back on. you can put it up to you face and not smell a thing, and noone will suspect that its in there. best place hands down if you need a quick fix.

  • yes they do, altoids cases are good places for pills also,

    but i also got expelled and arrested and i now work at mcdonalds because i got caught

    dont do that in school, it screwed up my life.

  • I dont know but James’s answer sounds pretty good

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