Do routers have ip addresses? if so. how many?

Do routers have IP addresses? If so, how many IP addresses and do they belong to the same subnet?


Yes, routers have IP addresses as routers are networking devices and require to be identified on a network and the Internet as a whole. Every router has a minimum of two IP addresses, one public (visible on the Internet or Wide Area Network to the whole world) and another a private, which is secret and the router has total control over the private IP address which is used for Local Area Network (LAN) both, for itself and for all other computers and other devices connecting to it.

If router’s those IP addresses belong to the same subnet:
A home router would have its local address set to a default private IP address.
Yes, the private IP address of the say, a home router belongs to the same subnet to which the user’s home personal computer, printer, belong.
However, the router’s public IP address would belong to a different subnet, as it would have a different public address range and class.

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