do shrimp have scales or fins ? my jewish friend wont eat shrimp because genesis says only scales or fins ..?

need to find out if shrimp have scales or fins so my jewish friend can eat them or not according to genesis.

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  • got to have scales ~and~ fins to be kosher... also what shrimp eat makes them non-kosher if I'm not mistaken....

  • Even though, Shrimp and Lobster both have a exoskeleton, the tail is such that, it is layered in scales and ends with a tail, fin. Thus making them particularly, Kosher!

    It is two of the most identifiable features of these of there order.

    More identifiable than Turkey or Chicken, as Kosher.

    Even a 3 yr old can see that in an instant.

  • As a jew, the answer is no they are not equal, the sin of homoՏҽ×uality is far beyond great ( in the old testament depending on the sin, that's the sacrifice you need to return) and it was shown that homoՏҽ×uality was in part a great sin. Christians once they accepted Jesus, they were able to follow his teachings and leave into the NEW rather than the old, BUT Jesus and the New Testament do make indirect signals about homoՏҽ×uality and the "wrong" of it. But one funny thing is that, people want to cover with a tip of a finger that homoՏҽ×uality by religious standards is wrong: people need to realize that is WRONG in many social and religious cultures but that if they are okay with beiong 𝒈𝒶𝓎, then they should not care if this or that says its wrong, just do it. If you care what the Bible, Tora etc... say about homoՏҽ×uality then that might mean that you seem ashamed of what the HIGHEST BEING thinks of you as a 𝒈𝒶𝓎 person...therefore you are afraid of angering THE HIGHEST ONE because there might be a slight chance all this is right.

  • Shrimp have neither scales nor fins. Hence, not kosher.

  • If one were being exceedingly generous, you could consider the flattened edges on the end of the telson to be "fins" - but that's really stretching the definition.

    Shrimp are generally considered non-kosher.

  • No Sarah is not Kosher that it has no skills in no fans

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