Do traditional grape leaves (dolmades) contain wheat or flour?

Is it safe to order Dolmades in a Greek restaurant on a gluten free diet?

I usually ask if my order contains wheat, but often they only consider “bread” wheat and don’t take into account small amounts of flour (as found in rice pilafs and certain seasonings).


I’m sorry, I should have been more specific in the title – I meant STUFFED Grape Leaves. Thanks!

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  • None of the 6 recipes I just read contain any sort of wheat product, with the possible exception of the one that called for chicken broth that could contain some wheat product. So, no it isn’t likely that dolmades have gluten in them

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  • gluten comes from the protein that is found in wheat, which is a grain. Its what makes breads chewy. Because grape leaves are neither a wheat or a grain, it will not have gluten.

  • They’re stuffed with rice and usually some herbs or other seasonings.

  • What Is Dolmades

  • Probably not, but better save than sorry- ask, especially if you are allergic.

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