Do turtles mate for life?

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  • With the long amount of life span they have……….well they are not that foolish…………I hope 😉


  • Do Turtles Mate For Life

  • turtles do not mate for life as a general rule. they mate when ever they happen across each other. Some species of turtles can retain fertilized eggs within themselves for up to 3 years awaiting the proper conditions for egg laying.

    that being said, in captivity some females have been known to develop a “liking” for a certain male and to avoid other males in preference. But thats far from a “mate for life ” situation.

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    Do turtles mate for life?


    Nope. If you have one mating make in a tank with 3 mating females you better believe all 3 females will be popping out fertilized turtle eggs. 🙂

  • they lay eggs and move on.

  • no not really

  • No.. But penguins do! (:

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