Do washer & dryer units take up a lot of electricity?

I know televisions and refrigerators cause your electric bill to go up, but what about washer & dryers? Since they’re big, do they make the electric bill higher as opposed to an apartment without them?

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  • Dryers, yes, they use a lot of power. Washing machines use very little. If you wash in hot water, it costs more to heat the water than it does to run the machine. Owning your own is still cheaper than using a pay machine. You have to wash and dry clothes somehow.

  • A washer using cold water is cheaper to run than one using hot water. It takes energy (gas or electric) to heat the water in the water heater. It takes electricity to run the washer motor.

    A dryer uses energy (gas or electric) to heat the air (unless you use the air dry cycle). It takes electricity to run the drum motor..

    But relatively speaking, they use less than a central HVAC system but more than a light bulb. But anything that uses electricity will make your bill go up depending upon how long you leave it on.

    A dryer uses about 5kw to heat the air. About the same amount of electricity to run the water heater. But it’s the time that they are used. A dryer could be cheaper to run than the water heater depending upon how much hot water you use. It’s all relative.

  • Older models more so than newer ones. Anything you plug in cost you money. If you leave your computer plugged in and on the entire month, it will use more electric than your washer.

  • Yes, especially the dryer.=)

  • You’re right, it’s much better to give the guy who owns the laundromat your hard earned quarters.

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