Do you ever feel like a misfit?

12 Answers

  • (sings)  Why am I just a misfit

    Yes, I do feel like one sometimes.

  • Almost all the times when I am around my friends. We are all retired, and most of them constantly travel. I live alone and do not travel very often. It is awkward sometimes.

  • Yes.  Always…

  • No, I never do, My Angell Brothers would never let me be. 

  • To be honest I feel that way all the time…I just don’t know I feel very different from others darling 

  • I Am  a misfit. A good name for my MC club.

     I Don’t care. Others should have as much fun.

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  • Sometimes I do feel that way.

  • I think everyone does sometimes, so do. Worry about it

  • I do indeed.

    And, I’d gladly give Glenn Danzig a knuckle sandwich.

  • I don’t feel like one, I am one

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