Do you get insurance when you go on a cruise?

Remember when you could go on cruises?

8 Answers

  • No… but you can buy it though.

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  • Yes, we have comprehensive insurance which covers us for things such as medical costs, loss of luggage and cancellation.

  • I do now. I didn’t when I was younger. But there’s a larger possibility now that I might have a medical issue that would prevent me from going. 

  • No, I didn’t when I went on one.

  • I get medical coverage only.  I’d hate to lose 4 grand if I had to cancel a cruise, but it would’t break me.  But a medical issue that required air transport from sea, or transportation from another county back to the states is prohibitively expensive, so I get medical coverage, which is fairly cheap.

    I’ve booked 19 cruises and never had to cancel one.  I had 4 cancelled on me over the past year, but since the cruise line cancelled them, I received full refunds. 

    I have a land vacation booked for this summer.  I insured it as there’s an increased potential I’ll have to cancel.  

  • Yes, you get insurance. Just as you do for any holiday.

  • Yes and top-dollar insurance too.

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