Do you know where I can buy tinted sun contact lenses?

I can’t seem to find tinted contact lenses for wearing on bright sunny days. I know Nike sold “Maxsight” but this has been discontinued. Where can I buy tinted sun contacts?

now i don’t know who is right. i do know that Nike Maxsight is discontinued and hard to find what is left. i’m hoping people will vote on the right answer.. i don’t know who’s right.

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  • Footprint is wrong about this one… they are (or were at least once) available.

    There is only one brand I am aware of. It is the Nike Maxsight by Bausch & Lomb contact lens. You can do a search at the online retailers to see who may have it. Remember that you will need a prescription from an eye doctor for these lenses. See the link below for an article about them.

    From my experience, the people who have worn them seem to think they could be darker, but they do help a bit.

  • There aren’t any. Sunglass contacts can’t work.

    A major problem with sunglass contacts is that being right on the eye, the pupil would be constantly dilated , thinking it was dark .

    Another problem would be safety. Imagine how many times people would leave home with them on while it is sunny, then stay out too late and have to drive home at dusk or in the dark with a dark lens on….not good.

    They would also be a problem just to enter the house many times. You can’t just whip the contacts off like you can with sunglasses.

    EDIT *****

    Being as the Nike lenses aren’t available anymore…why am I wrong ? There aren’t any.

    They were discontinued partly because of the problems I stated.

    They weren’t dark enough to be a sunglass replacement anyway…they were more of an amber color meant to enhance vision at dusk.

    If it was feasible, there would be some on the market right now.


    No. You do not wear tinted contacts for photophobia. The tint will reduce your vision too much, an traditional colored contacts will not help at all. You get glasses with a permanent or photochromic tint, have UV coating, and anti-glare coating put on them as well. Do not buy them “off-the-rack”. See an optician, and have a pair professionally crafted.

  • Nike Maxsight

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