do you love arts and crafts?


29 Answers

  • YES! I love them for many reasons.

    They are for any level of skill and patience. You can always find a craft for you. Plus, you can easily find on-the-go crafts, rainy day crafts, and more.

    They can fill any spot of time and can easily turn around boredom.

    And, unlike most hobbies, they can form lives and careers. Like, for example, a jewelry designer may have started with beading or bead making.

    Above all, they're so much fun!!

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  • my favorite subject. i work on so many from beads, sewing, pinatas, clay, wood, anything paper, even working with recycling type crafts. as a military brat there wasn't much to do at one of the bases we were stationed at so we did many crafts. we had a small girl scout troupe and to make money we made beaded crafts, Popsicle crafts, lace covered drawer soap. had a small carnival and cookout to raise money for a trip to Berlin. i use the skills i learned in crafts for plays, Christmas decor and Easter ideas. i use the same skills for costumes and house decore.

  • YES!!! i work at an arts and craft store, and have gotten many new crafty ideas from working there. i do a little of everything: beading, scrapbooking, painting, card making, the list can go on and on 🙂

  • yes, i took art all thru highschool and college, and now i have no time for it!! I love to draw and paint, when we first moved into our house it had an old old old stained glass window that looked like crap, so i redid it, and now i get to look at how beautiful it is every day!!

  • Yes but with 2 kids I dont hardly have time to breath let alone do them. I cross stitch and sew when I can.

  • Absolutely!

  • Yes!!! It's great just as a hobby but you can expand a bit and make a profit out of it e.g. card making (especially good at this time of year) and jewellery making. I did and sell quite a bit of jewellery now.

  • Yes, i make all my own jewellery and paint a bit. It's important to have a creative outlet - relaxing.

  • I love to sew and quilt, but I'm not into sc ɾąքҽ booking, I think it is dull and boring. I also dislike country decor.

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