do you pronounce Royale and Royal differently?

thanks. Cheers!

13 Answers

  • Yes I do.

    I pronounce “royale” like roy-al, and “royal” like roy-ul.

  • yes u enphasize the a in the 1st 1

    (roy – Al)

  • Yep I do!

    Just realised it is so hard to try and write out how I pronounce each one…

  • Yep, Roy-al and Roy-ul.. it’s the only way i can think to write it, my brains on strike so it seems.

  • yeah. the first one is pronounced roy-AL (emphasis on the AL) while the latter is roy-ole, the one you would more commonly hear. hope this helps.

  • Yep.

    Royale- is roy-ale

    So different, maybe it’s just the Canadian way of saying them.

  • Yes, I do

    roy-AL vs. royel

  • yes

  • yea. royale is more frenchy

  • I most certainly do.

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