Do you think an 800 sq ft apartment is big enough for two people?

I don’t know anything about what to look for when serching fro an apartment. Especially since the apartment is in Virginia and I live in California. I don’t have the time or money to go and see it in person. What would you say was an appropriate size for two? How many sq ft would you be looking for? Help me please!

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  • My ex bf and I shared a 750 sq.ft. apt. It has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 living room/dining room, 3 closets, 1 storage space. It was small, but we were comfortable. The only thing I didn’t like was the closet space. We could have used another closet or larger closets. Our closets and storage space were stuffed full. When my ex moved out, I spread all my stuff around. Now, I don’t know how we both fit in there. I suppose when you move in a small space together and that’s all you have to work with, you make it work. The good thing with renting is that most leases are for a year. If you’re not happy with the apartment, you can just pick up and move to something better next year.

  • I dont know much about sq footage, but it also depends on what u mean by 2 people.. are you guys a couple; or is it a friend? A couple would take up way less room then a 2 seperate people that are just room mates (a couple only has 1 bed; if u were living with a friend, it would be 2 beds, etc)

    800 seems like a decent number. My small bedroom now is 99 square foot and I have enough for queen bed, entertainment center, desk, bookcase, and a bar; So 100 feet can go a long way.


    We looked at a little house that was just over 800sq ft when we were looking to buy a house. It was a 2 bedroom one bath. It was small. obviously. but if they weren’t asking so much for it, we would have considered it. It would have been big enough for just the two of us, and maybe a kid for awhile. but the people living in it at the time had just had there second child, and it was painfully obvious why they were moving. with 2 kids.. toys.. strollers beds etc. they were running out of room quickly. But for just 2 people, maybe 3. it would have been OK, especially if you keep things tidy and respect each others privacy. Do you know how much there wanting for the apartment? is it just for you? or a family? i would say it might be worth checking out if you don’t have too large of a family. My aunt almost passed up there little apartment, not sure how many sq ft it is or anything, but its only a 2 bedroom, for her and her 3 kids. but the backyard is huge and fenced in, and theres a nice little playground across the street, which makes up for how small it is.

  • 800 Square Feet

  • 800 sq ft apartment big people

  • Thats a typical size for a 1-2 bedroom apartment. I have a townhouse thats 795sqft and its a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath. And the bedrooms are good size.

    If this is a newer apartment complex they should be able to give you a floor plan that will have the dimensions of the rooms listed. Ask the properties manager for one.

  • It’ll be fine as long as neither of you has a ton of stuff. Are you moving with a significant other or a roommate? If it’s a significant other and you’ll be sharing a bedroom, then 800 square feet will be plenty. If you’re rooming with a friend or a stranger, you might want something bigger (if you’re not good at sharing space).

  • 750 Square Feet

  • it’s pretty good. My husband and I live in a 999sq ft house. Our bedrooms, basement, living room, & dining rooms are perfectl;y sized for the 2 of us, but I’ve outgrown my kitchen & bathroom. b/c you don;t have a basement all of your rooms will be much bigger them mine so you should be fine. We also have a dog & 2 cats :0)

  • 800 Sq ft is barely large enough for 1 person. That basically a studio (living/bedroom, bathroom, and tiny kitchen). You will have to be able to tolerate the other person very well.

    GO large as you can, with whatever your budget is.

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